Singapore Third Link Bridge News.

Malaysia and Singapore are in dire need of a third bridge. On Singapore Facebook Page public comment. “I don't see much benefit to us Singaporean”. Our roads are already very congested. We are not a big country like Malaysia. Singapore on the third link bridge on discussion. One of the Dato Seri Goh Cheng Poh list investment outlook. One of the investment company under Dato Seri Goh Cheng Poh Group interest on this project, build third bridge proposal linking Johor Bahru and Singapore.


Now have currently two crossings into Johor to Singapore. Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad floats plan to build a third link with Singapore, proposal would first be sent to the federal government for due diligence. We hope could see the bridge taking place within the next three to four years.


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Goh Cheng Poh Properties Investment Overview.


Goh Cheng Poh start property investment at least 20 years ago in Malaysia property investment​. Huge experience on which is the right property to invest or potential real estate properties. Mostly property investment destination is in Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bahru because the property investment market in this area are top property investment.


Goh Cheng Poh Group investment in 2019 are finding potential partners to cooperate on our investment outlook and our great insights investment opportunities. From property investment can gain massive investment growth. We have company are leading property or independent property investment. Who having a lot knowledge on property investment. Investment decision good way start and great investment in property Malaysia. This company already in property investment many years.